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Photo: Leif Brisfjord
John Ericsson's desk at Skansen, Stockholm, Sweden

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Virtual Library:

The Virtual Library contains documents and links to information resources, primarily on the Internet.

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John Ericsson, Bibliography, selected

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Free on-line.

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Free on-line.

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Free on-line.

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Books About John Ericsson

Kevin W. Woodruff, Searching books about John Ericsson

Books About USS Monitor

Kevin W. Woodruff, Searching books about U.S.S. Monitor - I
Kevin W. Woodruff, Searching books about U.S.S. Monitor - II

The Internet, Libraries, Museums, Organisations and Publications

There are many sources of information related to John Ericsson, his life and work:

Search the sources with keywords like John Ericsson, alt. "John Ericsson", USS Monitor, Caloric Engine, Solar Energy, etc.

Google - John Ericsson

Google - "John Ericsson"

Google Books - John Ericsson

Google Images - John Ericsson

Library of Congress - John Ericsson

New York Public Library - John Ericsson

Brooklyn Dayly Eagle - Search

New York Times - John Ericsson

Nobel Prize - John Ericsson


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John Ericsson Society, New York celebrates its Second Century

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